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How to Write-Off an Invoice in 20.3

Do you need to do some invoice cleanup? Did you receive over payment or underpayments for invoices that no longer need any further action? In iMIS 20.3, you can do a mass invoice write-off or clean up the few straggling invoices that will never be paid. Follow our steps below to make accounting clean up […]

Adjusting Invoices in iMIS 20.3

Were the wrong items or amounts billed for an order? Do you need to adjust invoicing for special scenarios? In 20.3 you can do this right in the Staff Site by following the steps below. Note, this is for orders or itemized dues products only. Event invoices must be adjusted by changing the event registration.  […]

Bill a Member for a Different Member Type

Have you encountered cases where you need to bill a member again because they wanted a different membership type? Read our steps below on how to do so in iMIS 20.3. 1. Go to the member’s profile in staff site. 2. Click the Membership tab. 3. Edit the Membership panel by clicking the pencil and […]

Securing Website Content for Select Groups

Do you want content only available to certain members? Are you tired of manually adding and removing Security Roles to your customers so content on your website is secured to a specific group? Then the answer to your problem is to use Dynamic Groups. A Dynamic Group is a way to identify individuals who can […]

Embed a Calendar

Does your organization use a calendar outside of iMIS? Do you need to show other schedules, meetings, events not created in iMIS? We will show you how to display an external calendar within your iMIS site. In this tip, you will embed a calendar URL into a content page. For example, Office365 lets you copy […]

Bumping Join Dates

Depending on your membership rules, you may consider new joins for your next fiscal year instead of the current year. For example, if your fiscal year is from 7/1/2019 -6/30/2020 and you bill membership annually, you may not necessarily want any new joins in May 2020 to be for the term 5/1/2020 -6/30/2020. Instead, you […]

Reversing payments

Are you looking in iMIS cloud? Take a look at how easy it can be to deal with financial transactions, specifically incorrect or invalid payments. Reversing payments take only a few simple steps without having to deal with iMIS desktop and going through a lot of work to remove a mistake. First, reversing payments are […]

Incorrectly Billed Members

Incorrectly Billed Members Do you have difficulty correcting billings? Was billing run prematurely? If this seems to be the case, you should consider moving to iMIS cloud to benefit from additional features that makes it easier for you to rebill members when they were incorrectly billed. Members can be rebilled to correct incorrect dues prices […]

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